Formal Qualifications:

MSc/MArch, Dipl.-Ing. (Diplom Ingenieur)

I'm currently chartered as an architect in NRW, Germany. 

In NSW Australia, I have a current DFT waterproofing licence 298282C.

When I stopped my renovation business, I gave up my own builders licence here.

Short Biography:


I started my career more than 30 years ago as construction engineer managing waterproofing, corrosion protection and

general construction maintenance projects.

As a qualified Dipl.Ing. (Diplom-Ingenieur),

Im currently chartered as an Architect #103407 at the AKNW Germany.

Because I am providing expertise and advice for waterproofing, 

I decided to underpin the currency of my conslultancy's expertise 

with a current NSW waterproofing licence #298282C,

in addition to formal qualifications.

I'm a member of the Australian Institute of Project Management #46651,
the Tile and Tiling Industry Association,

the ASAA Australian Stone Advisory Association #18281

and I was licensed as a builder in NSW. 

(Please check my NSW Licence history) 

For more than eight years, I worked for Lendlease

in a team of specialist project engineers,

where I was responsible for waterproofing

and other specialist areas of construction in Australia. 

In my role I provided technical advice 

for most commercial projects including Barangaroo,

a globally unique situation for a major multi-billion

urban coastal development project

almost10m below the water table of Sydney Harbour.

From start to finish I provided waterproofing and architectural
expertise when I prepared waterproofing specifications 
for the commercial international towers T1, T2 and T3, the residential
harbour side development of R9, R10 and the 34,000m2 basement of
commercial development below the water table of Sydney harbour.



I was part of a team of specialists and one of the major

resources for providing expertise in technical waterproofing,

architectural engineering, timber construction and

design peer reviews, tailored training sessions, 

general defect cause finding and defect prevention.

I provided design advice for defect prevention

and remedial advice in my fields of expertise

for most major commercial, residential, CLT timber, 

health and retail projects of the business 

in Australia and projects overseas.

Before my time as Specialist Project Engineer

I was Project Manager for the City of Sydney

and managed major inner city refurbishment

and heritage restoration projects.


Earlier in my career, I lead

an Architectural Firm with 15 staff

and two offices in Berlin and in Angermuende,

Brandenburg, Germany,

were I specialised in heritage restoration,

residential high rise refurbishment



and construction of new buildings

and townhouses, as a government

approved developer.

As chartered Dipl. Ing. Architect and principal

of the business I was responsible for all architectural

and many structural designs for approval by authorities.

It was part of my role as charted architect,

to provide QS services from preliminary estimates

to final cost calculations for competitive tenders

and during construction.

(clients included Hochtief, Dykerhoff, Strabag, Walter Bau and Bilfinger) 

As construction manager

and deputy department manager for the general maintenance department

of Thyssen Krupp, Duisburg, Germany.
In this role, I managed the departments

of roof maintenance, waterproofing, 

industrial corrosion protection,

road construction and general industrial refurbishment

works with 80 staff. 

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