I know how costly building defects can be to rectify

for building owners and what reputational damage

defects can cause for a business. 

I am certain, that obtaining independent advice is important 

for a lasting rectification and for a good design outcome. 
Only fully independent
advice and design reviews by an
experienced professional who is 
free of any
vested interests will achieve a result, which is guided only by 

the interests of the client

Our Independent services are based on

30 years experience in hands on construction,

architecture, planning, maintenance, refurbishment and include:

Cause Finding of Building Defects, Reporting, Peer Reviews and 

Design Advice for


Building Waterproofing,

Hard Floor finishes,

The building envelope

and general remedial advice.

Following an initial discussion with the client,

about the project's specific requirements,

we can select from our range of suitable

technical equipment which will support the cause

finding and reporting.

If required for the project, we use

- Thermal Imaging analysis
- Non-destructive devices for moisture detection  

And a Dji drone (CASA ARN 1044894) if needed for the job.

Example Case Study & Cause Finding











We conduct analysis and comprehensive reporting on defects

of the general building and the building envelope 

to clients requirements, using experience combined with useful technology

if required for the job.

Just call 0402 957752 or email admin@prnissenconsulting.com for a constructive discussion.

     Below the ground Sub-grade,
     The Building Envelope and the Facade


          Ceramic Tiling, 

            Natural Stone,     



  • Advice on Slip Resistance AS4586

  • Corrosion Protection       

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