Esmachstr Berlin Timber Hybrid Construction meetings with architects re construction process site issues and approval issues for the 7 level building.

Berlin, Esmachstrasse 

CLT Hybrid Construction

Timber Construction Tour 2011

In my view, due to the physical limitations of CLT, the future of this technology will be Timber Hybrid Construction, as seen and discussed in Berlin 2011.

Melbourne Forte

(Provided Waterproofing Specification,LendLease CLT Due Diligence Tour Europe.

In my view, the successful future of CLT in Australia requires the smart combination with indigenous timbers in the production process.  

Before CLT was used in Australia for the first time and Forte in Melbourne was built,

I was part of the due diligence team to examine the technology in detail in Austra and Europe. On research visits I had many meetings and workshops with designers and planners about the technology.